SLQ3000 Single Line Queuing

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Create a single queue with up to 24 stations with the SLQ3000 Electronic Queuing System.

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Electronic Queuing to Maximize Revenue, Efficiency & Profitability

We offer the largest range of electronic queuing systems from only the best manufacturers.  We also offer the expertise to help you develop an effective queuing strategy for your location.

Electronic Queuing Explanation – Seven Station Queue

In the example below, we have a retail chain that would like to implement an electronic queueing system for their seven register store.  They wanted to use their existing merchandizing products and just setup the queueing system at the end of the line.

Elements of a Single Line Queuing System

Central Display : The central display is the main interactive element of the electronic queueing system.  This display will not only notify the next in line customer what station to go to, but will also expose them to branding/marketing messages while they wait in the queue.

Two Button Remote : The two button remote is a wireless call device that will allow the station attendant to notify the next customer in line.  The two buttons are programable and will typically be used to call people in different languages (English/Spanish) or in different voices (Male/Female).

PDU : The Positional Display Unit is a small LED screen mounted at each station.  It typically displays a station number or flashing arrows to help direct the customer transitioning from the queue to the appropriate station.

Stanchions : In almost all line queues, there are a series of crowd control stanchions setup to help form an organized line.  These stanchions will have retractable belts or ropes and maybe signage to help direct people into the queue and through it as the line progresses.

Final Installation Diagram

SLQ3000 Single Line Queueing

This is an actual installation image of a New York Credit Union installation of the SLQ3000 Single Line Queueing system.


  • Standard LCD Central Display Unit is 23” widescreen
  • Static, flashing or scrolling messages available for display on the CDU in single or multiple colours
  • Wide range of audio messages available
  • Screen, colors, graphics and content are all configurable
  • Choice of static or active LED, or LCD Positional Display units (PDU)
  • Software enables the use of digital media, from animated characters to full broadcast quality movies
  • Precisely control what messages are displayed to your customers with the use of remote scheduling and media queuing
  • Can service up to 24 positions


Tensator’s electronic queuing system for single line queue helps you to increase revenues by:
  • Serving customers in the order they queue, improving queue management and providing operational efficiencies
  • Offering split screen functionality with combined media and call forwarding – – media acts as additional revenue stream
  • Reducing walk-aways by 96%
  • Increasing customer flow up to 25%
  • Improving staff utilization and transactions per employee
  • Eliminating “wrong queue” frustration
  • Creating in-queue merchandising opportunities

If you would like to learn more about electronic queueing and how it can effectively be used to reduce customer wait times and improve customer service, call us today at : 866-278-1904