Qtrac Electronic Queuing

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The checkout queue, arguably the area of greatest anguish for both retailers and customers, represents one of the most significant areas in the retail process. According to industry experts, retail success is achieved or lost at the checkout counter. Yet it is often overlooked.



One of the biggest hurdles faced by a checkout queue solution is the ability to keep customers moving efficiently to available service points. Too many solutions rely on store personnel having to wave or shout to hail a waiting customer. Electronic Queuing systems eliminate this efficiency bottleneck by using overhead LCD monitors to visually and audibly direct customers to the next available position. Responding to state-of-the-art wireless remote controls mounted at each register, electronic queuing systems instantly display open checkout positions, displaying an arrow and audibly announcing the open position. Field-proven to increase service efficiency by as much as 35%, electronic queuing systems decrease wait times and dramatically improve customer and employee satisfaction.

Electronic queuing systems help to optimize customer flow. The result is efficient customer service and optimized queuing, especially during peak traffic periods. These results are immediately measurable in terms of decreased wait times, fewer abandoned transactions, enhanced customer satisfaction, greater referrals and, at the end of the day, increased revenues.

Additionally, between queuing messages the electronic system can display advertising, promotional, or informational media. Targeting a captive queue audience has been shown to increase impulse sales when used in conjunction with in-line merchandising solutions and kits. Furthermore, entertaining customers while they wait decreases perceived wait times by as much as 40%, adding to increased customer satisfaction, and improved customer loyalty and repeat business.