Virtual Queuing

With virtual queuing, there is no physical line of customers. Instead, customers either check in at a kiosk, or are otherwise identified upon arrival. They then generally receive a ticket and will be called to meet with a service provider at an appropriate time. But they are free to move about a waiting area and do not have to stand and remain focused on how a “line” in front of them is moving. They know their place in “line” is secure.

Virtual queuing has proven to reduce both actual and perceived wait times. While waiting, customers can fill out forms, read, or carry out personal conversations on their phone. In a retail setting, they can also begin or continue shopping, and are particularly likely to peruse point of purchase products. A business can also direct video or audio messages to these customers, to capture their attention while they are waiting.

Virtual queuing is most ideal for hospitals and the offices of other health care providers, as well as financial service providers. It is also used at many retail businesses. If your company wants to identify customers before they reach a staff member (thus enabling prep time), virtual queuing is the solution for you.