In- Line Merchandising Boosts Sales, Customer Satisfaction

What are the characteristics of customers who are in waiting in line at your site?

First, in one respect, they all feel as if they are “done” shopping.  Secondly, they are no longer dispersed among the various aisles or departments of your store – they are now grouped together.  They are now sharing the exact same experience – waiting to check out.

No other location in your store has as big an impact on customer satisfaction as this pre-checkout queue.  And while customers are looking forward to exiting your store, they are also a captive audience.  They are very receptive to impulse purchases.

When you have an effective line management system that makes customers confident that the line will move efficiently, they have positive feelings.  They are open to messages from you.  Thus, this line is the perfect place for your advertising messages, and for a display of point-of-purchase products.

A sophisticated in-line merchandising system not only provides a defined physical layout for your check-out line, but also features structures upon which products can be displayed – shelves, baskets, hooks and bowls.  Attractive products will be in the sight-lines of your customers, and within easy physical reach.

You can maximize your store’s dollars-per-square-foot ratio and increase impulse purchases by up to 30% with in-queue merchandising posts, panels and displays.  Proven to work at hardware stores, sporting goods stores, department stores, pharmacies, and electronics stores, these systems are a win-win for both the customers and the store.