Customer Flow Management: An Overview

Determining the optimum queue management plan for any given location is often part of a larger assessment of customer behavior and satisfaction.

Customer Flow Management (CFM) is a process which takes into account the entire customer experience, from the time they arrive at your site to the completion of their “transaction” to post-service analysis.  Any business which has face-to-face dealings with customers – including retail stores, restaurants, banks and financial service providers, social or government service offices, hospitals and other medical facilities – can increase their level of customer service satisfaction and boost their bottom line by implementing basic CFM practices.

Customer Flow Management has proven to increase sales (both in terms of immediate impulse buys and future customer loyalty) by producing happier customers.  It increases staff productivity (thus decreasing costs) by efficiently matching staff members to customers.  And it provides you management data about your customers and your processes, which can give you a competitive advantage.

A thorough analysis of your current situation may show that the following actions will improve your customer flow management:

  • You may need to redesign your physical space and move fixtures so that a line management system works logistically given your customer numbers and available space
  • You may need to acquire line management products (or enhance your current supply).  The nature of these products will depend on whether you plan to roll out a linear queuing system or a virtual queuing system.

Set up a system to analyze the data after the roll out of your Customer Flow Management process.  Compare the results to your previous process.  Build in time and materials for staff training to respond to the plusses and minuses of what your data tells you.