Choosing Retractable Belt Barriers

Here are some factors to keep in mind when assessing the merits of various retractable belt barriers (portable posts with retractable belt line management products). Making the right choice could save you money (by minimizing the number of posts you need) and ensure the safety of your site and patrons.

Post Quality and Size

A quality post will feature single-tube construction, and will be made of steel to ensure years of use, even in heavy-duty environments.  Many brands of high-quality stanchions are only two inches in diameter, and you can also choose strong bases that don’t use excessive floor space.

Belt Options

For longest life-span, belts made of woven polyester will retain an attractive “new” look for a longer period of time. Standard belt widths are two-inches or six-inches (top-to-bottom).  Standard belt lengths (left-to-right) are 7.5 feet and 13 feet, although other lengths are available. Remember that the longer the belt, the fewer the number of necessary posts will be.

Some retractable belt barriers are available with two horizontal belts.  This feature provides extra security and helps keep children in line.  And some suppliers of retractable belt stanchions also offer the option of having belts printed with messages or advertisements.

Belt Safety

Make sure that any retractable system is safe – you do not want any belt that retracts with an amount of force that could cause injury to anyone in its path.  A high-quality retractable belt system will feature a belt that will, upon release from a post, fall to the floor and then slowly and safely retract back into the post.