Beware “Economical” Stanchions

Beware Economical Stanchions

Purchasing crowd control stanchions has really become a buyer beware world.

There are only three or four stanchion manufacturers that offer a RELIABLE economical stanchion. This is mainly due to the issues associated with having your equipment manufactured overseas.

To save on manufacturing costs, companies outsource the manufacturing of their stanchions or directly buy stanchions from overseas manufacturers. What often happens is a rapid degradation in the quality of the materials and craftsmanship of the product. The overseas manufacturer may start out providing quality products for the first or second shipment, but will then substitute materials and take shortcuts in the manufacturing process without properly informing the US Vendor, in order to cut costs. Not only does this result in an extremely inferior product, but the US vendor may not even know that they are selling defective crowd control stanchions.

Any products manufactured overseas need to go through a thorough quality check process that most US suppliers DO NOT perform.

So keep in mind when you are searching online and fine an “Economical” stanchion, you may end up with something like what you see in the picture associated with this post. After only one month of use, these stanchions started to lean and buckle. This customer was able to buy cheap crowd control stanchions online… unfortunately, they were cheap in more ways than one.