In Line Merchandising Increases Sales and Customer Satisfaction

The customer waiting lines at your site – how long they are, how quickly they move, and what customers perceive about them – can be a significant factor in the success of your business.

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Long lines, or inefficiently managed lines, at your site damage your reputation and cost you money.  Not only do you run the risk of losing repeat business, but you also lose the opportunity to sell products to your customers while they are in line.

Conversely, when your waiting lines are managed properly, and when you utilize in-line merchandising opportunities, you create a customer-friendly atmosphere and your business will reap the benefits.  Studies have shown that when lines are perceived as fair and efficient, and when a business gives its customers access to “impulse buy” products while they are in line, sales can increase up to 40%.

You can make your lines noticeably more efficient with line management (also known as queue management) products.  Portable post and retractable belt line management systems are the most common and effective way of creating organized, fair, and fast-moving lines.

Newer, electronic queue management systems build upon the traditional stanchion and belt model.  They provide sophisticated methods of communicating with customers in the line.  Through video displays, employees can alert customers about the next available agent.  Customers can receive real-time information about how fast the line is moving and how long their wait will be.  And video and audio can tell customers about your most popular products.

Once you’re confident that you have the most efficient line management system for your needs, strategize your in-line merchandising options.  There are a number of specially-designed in-line merchandising systems which have proven track records of increasing sales.

Surveys have shown that customers generally like to see products while they are waiting in line.  Even those who don’t buy consider the displays to be a welcome distraction while they are standing in line.

At the elaborate end of the merchandising scale, display racks and display panels can create “aisles” of products, simulating (on a smaller scale) the experience of walking through aisles in a store.  In some cases these displays physically take the place of the line management system; in others they work with and accessorize existing posts, belts, or ropes.

On a more basic level, merchandising bowls are specially designed to be affixed to the top of line management posts.  These clear acrylic bowls, typically about one-foot in diameter, are perfect for the display of last-minute “impulse buy” items.  Strategically-placed merchandising bowls can increase the sales of these products by up to 30%.

Portable posts and retractable belt systems, as well as merchandising bowls, are designed to accommodate signage.  Sign holders can be easily affixed to the top of posts, and signs can promote specific products or convey other marketing messages.

Proper management of your lines, combined with the utilization of in-line merchandising tools, creates a win-win scenario for both your customers and your bottom line.  Your site will see increases in customer satisfaction and sales revenue.