In- Line Merchandising Boosts Sales, Customer Satisfaction

What are the characteristics of customers who are in waiting in line at your site? First, in one respect, they all feel as if they are “done” shopping.  Secondly, they are no longer dispersed among the various aisles or departments of your store – they are now grouped together.  They are now sharing the exact […]

Customer Flow Management: An Overview

Determining the optimum queue management plan for any given location is often part of a larger assessment of customer behavior and satisfaction. Customer Flow Management (CFM) is a process which takes into account the entire customer experience, from the time they arrive at your site to the completion of their “transaction” to post-service analysis.  Any […]

Virtual Queuing

With virtual queuing, there is no physical line of customers. Instead, customers either check in at a kiosk, or are otherwise identified upon arrival. They then generally receive a ticket and will be called to meet with a service provider at an appropriate time. But they are free to move about a waiting area and […]

Why do people walk out of a store without buying anything?

We have been having a very interesting discussion about line queues at the Marketing Director’s Support Group on Malcolm Wicks, the Marketing Director at Pierhouse Business Solutions posed the question, “Why do people walk bout of a store without buying anything?” I have to admit, only once did I walked out of a store in frustration […]

When Customers Encounter Long Lines

Wait time – not prices, not selection, not product quality – is the number one factor impacting customer satisfaction. And when it comes to wait time, perception is more important than reality.

Choosing Retractable Belt Barriers

Here are some factors to keep in mind when assessing the merits of various retractable belt barriers (portable posts with retractable belt line management products). Making the right choice could save you money (by minimizing the number of posts you need) and ensure the safety of your site and patrons. Post Quality and Size A […]

Customer Flow Management: Managing Customer Lines & Wait Times

Your patrons have expectations when they enter your location.  They expect quality products and services, but they also expect that their time at your site will be spent efficiently.  They expect fairness. And they hope that you are prepared to deal with them and have the necessary background information to serve them quickly.

Beware “Economical” Stanchions

Purchasing crowd control stanchions has really become a buyer beware world. There are only three or four stanchion manufacturers that offer a RELIABLE economical stanchion. This is mainly due to the issues associated with having your equipment manufactured overseas. To save on manufacturing costs, companies outsource the manufacturing of their stanchions or directly buy stanchions […]

Line Management Systems

In its simplest terms an Electronic Queuing System is designed to reduce crowds, wait time, and lines through the use of remote devices. Many times in crowded areas like restaurants, airports, banks, etc. lines and bottlenecks can accumulate quickly. In this situation one person’s frustration can spread like a disease. Since it is generally not […]

In Line Merchandising Increases Sales and Customer Satisfaction

The customer waiting lines at your site – how long they are, how quickly they move, and what customers perceive about them – can be a significant factor in the success of your business.