When Customers Encounter Long Lines

Wait time – not prices, not selection, not product quality – is the number one factor impacting customer satisfaction. And when it comes to wait time, perception is more important than reality.

Customer Flow Management: Managing Customer Lines & Wait Times

Your patrons have expectations when they enter your location.  They expect quality products and services, but they also expect that their time at your site will be spent efficiently.  They expect fairness. And they hope that you are prepared to deal with them and have the necessary background information to serve them quickly.

Line Management Systems

In its simplest terms an Electronic Queuing System is designed to reduce crowds, wait time, and lines through the use of remote devices. Many times in crowded areas like restaurants, airports, banks, etc. lines and bottlenecks can accumulate quickly. In this situation one person’s frustration can spread like a disease. Since it is generally not […]

In Line Merchandising Increases Sales and Customer Satisfaction

The customer waiting lines at your site – how long they are, how quickly they move, and what customers perceive about them – can be a significant factor in the success of your business.